What We Do
Enact provides transformational investment of up to £5 million for small to medium-sized businesses. Initially set up as an EIS Fund and now with additional funding from Endless, Enact is specially tailored to SMEs. Our hands-on approach has seen us bring certainty to companies such as Excelsior Technologies, Stirling Dynamics and the West Cornwall Pasty Co. With an experienced Investment Team and a high-profile Advisory Board, Enact will work side-by-side with your management team to help your business reach its full potential. If your business requires investment greater than £5 million, our parent fund, Endless LLP can provide transformative funding and unrivalled expertise.
Why Choose Us?
Enact provides much more than financial investment. We look beyond your current circumstances and focus on your business’ core strengths and ambitions. Our team of experienced professionals then provide extensive support that helps owners and managers of SMEs overcome the challenges they face – and ultimately increase the value of their company. Thanks to our close relationship with Endless, we can make investments quickly. This approach, alongside our in-depth expertise in supporting SMEs, ensures that Enact is truly aligned with the objectives of your business and can start adding value immediately.
  • West Cornwall Pasty Company

    Enact Fund

    West Cornwall Pasty Company has rapidly become a recognized and established brand, selling authentic Cornish Pasties made in Penryn, in Western Cornwall, from a number of high street and train station locations.

  • Excelsior Technologies

    Enact Fund

    Since it was established in 2004, Excelsior Technologies has built a reputation based on high quality gravure printing and employs 200 people over two sites.

  • Stirling Dynamics

    Formed in 1987 as a spin out of a university research department, Stirling Dynamics Limited (“Stirling”) provides specialist engineering design services for the aerospace and defence, marine and energy sectors.  Based in Bristol the busi

Meet The Enact Team
Enact’s team is made up of highly experienced investment professionals. They’re as approachable as they are knowledgeable, so please contact us to see how they could help your business.