Key Facts

We are investing Fund V of £400 million

We can invest £80 million of our own capital in a single transaction

Many of our investments have been completed in less than 28 days from introduction

We commit significant levels of capital to support the companies we invest in, with  over £1 billion in funds under management

We’re focused on UK headquartered businesses with a turnover between £10 million and £1 billion

Endless is a flexible investor and will invest in buyouts, non-core businesses, refinancings and turnarounds

The Endless team is the biggest single investor in our funds

Investors include world renowned universities and charitable organisations, family offices of globally recognised entrepreneurs and pension funds

Our blue chip investment partners are located in Europe and US 

Offices in LeedsLondon and Manchester 

About Us

Endless LLP is a UK based private equity investor with one distinct goal: to make business better for everybody. It’s why we get out of bed in the morning; why we do what we do and why we consider ourselves unique from other investment houses.  We consider the real value of our investments to be the difference we make to businesses, communities and individuals.
A transformational investor, Endless looks to support buyouts, non-core acquisitions from larger groups, turnarounds and financial restructurings. All of these can carry with them feelings of confusion, concern and a level of unpredictability.

We were very lucky as we had a lot of investors keen to support our plan, for which we are very grateful. We chose Endless to invest with us as they have a remarkable way of transacting, which is so much faster and more attune with what management teams want than anything I have experienced in the six buyout processes I have now been involved in.
Andrew Cope
Executive Chairman

2021 Partner Promotions

The Endless team draws on a diverse range of experience, with unsurpassed expertise in identifying the real value of businesses. Our track record shows we can help businesses achieve their goals and see a solution or opportunity they couldn't before.
Our no gloss approach means everybody is always in the loop. Clearly defining a new direction or path for the businesses and individuals involved. No hidden operating partners, surprises or skeletons – just a straightforward, compassionate attitude to private equity.
Why? Because certainty matters.
The people who can tell you the most about us, however, are all the people we’ve worked with. Take a look at our investments page to read the stories we’ve been a part of and read testimonials from those involved. 

40 Down to Earth Staff

A diverse group of experienced and talented people that makes up Endless.

Take a closer look to learn more about them and the projects they’ve worked on.