Behind the scenes: silly winter-sports tans with easyJet Traveller

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The January issue of easyJet Traveller was a winter sports special – so the team’s challenge was to grab the attention of the masses of skiers flying to the Alps. What better way to do that than to capture the moment of panic when, after a day on the slopes, you realise that the outline of your goggles has been sunburnt onto your face?

The cover story aimed to answer ‘everything you ever wanted to know about skiing but were afraid to ask’. Including the ski-tan problem, it responded to thirty questions in total, covering all the most pressing practicalities: what’s the best ski chalet in the Alps? Do I have to eat fondue every day? And am I likely to fancy my ski instructor? (the answer to that one is a resounding ‘yes’.)

Our obliging Aussie model, Ben Hudson, was more than happy to don a silly ski tan for us, courtesy of make-up artist Juliana Sergot who expertly layered increasingly sore-looking hues onto his face. When he looked appropriately scorched, Ben put on his ski clothes and acted out the motions of discovering his embarrassing suntan in front of photographer Jon Enoch – to hilarious effect. His mock screams of horror put the editorial team in fits of laughter.

After wrapping up the shoot with some 700 photos, we sifted through them and decided on a more subdued, close-up image for the final cover choice. After all, we didn’t want to embarrass Ben too much – though his high-pitched shrieks will stay with us for a while.

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