CapacityGRID secures bright future for Knowledge Hub

CapacityGRID is forming a new partnership with The Local Government Association (LGA) to assure the long-term future of the Knowledge Hub, the most widely used online collaboration platform for public sector employees and public bodies.

Under this partnership, Knowledge Hub staff will transfer to CapacityGRID and join an enlarged team, which will assume overall operational and development management responsibility from 13 November 2013. The LGA will become a foundation partner and continue as an active user of the Knowledge Hub to engage with its members. 

CapacityGRID offers local and central government a place to get more value from its core asset of “knowledge workers” and a way to partner and benefit from private sector infrastructure and expertise without requiring up-front investment or long-term contracts. The Knowledge Hub upholds these same principles. Put simply, the CapacityGRID enables “collective working”, the Knowledge Hub enables “collective knowledge”, and the two are entirely complementary in their vision to connect resources in public sector organisations across the UK.

Cllr Peter Fleming, Chair of the LGA's Improvement and Innovation Board said, "We spent several months seeking to secure the future of the Knowledge Hub after the strong response that came from the community, and we are delighted that CapacityGRID will enable it to continue and grow. The LGA will use the Knowledge Hub as a strategic platform to collaborate with colleagues and members. We would like to thank the Knowledge Hub community for its overwhelming support over the past few months."

CapacityGRID CEO Lloyd Clark, said, "We've been Knowledge Hub evangelists since its inception, and we're proud to be able to help it develop and flourish. We have combined forces with the Knowledge Hub team and are committed to growing the service to increase its value to its members. Our first step is to engage and listen carefully to the Knowledge Hub community. We know the community already has excellent ideas on how to enhance Knowledge Hub, and I am very conscious that privacy, transparency and accessibility are of absolute importance. These are essential principles to reassure members so they can be confident that all of the information they have worked hard to populate will continue to be supported. In the coming months I look forward to working with all Knowledge Hub members, facilitators and group owners to make this an even greater success."