Stirling’s revenue has passed the £10m mark for the first time in a 30-year history.

This figure is a result of an increase in export sales that now account for 82% of Stirling’s turnover. Stirling’s turnover has increased by 34% from last year and profit before tax amounted to £1.2m, a growth on the previous year of 86.5%.

Mark Cook, Executive Chairman commented that “We demonstrably have world-leading technology products and services and are true innovators in the market”. A fact that is certainly evident in the recent development of flight-worthy technology including the design of a hydro-mechanical primary flight control actuator for a client in South Korea.

At Stirling, we are proud that even as an SME we are a valued partner in the global marketplace. “We supply leading-edge technology into aerospace and defence programmes all over the world, including active side sticks and throttles to Lockheed Martin’s flight simulators for the F-35” added Mark.

We have had several successes this year from the growth in new international markets to the new website, branding and winning numerous awards. In closing, Mark added, “By any standard, we have witnessed a remarkable turnaround from just a few years ago which is a testament to the hard work of everyone connected to Stirling”.