Kerry Battiscombe

Partner - Due Diligence

Kerry is responsible for Endless’ due diligence requirements on prospective investments and within the existing portfolio. Having joined Endless in 2010, she previously worked at KPMG within audit, transaction services and consultancy where she completed an MBA with Manchester Business School.

0113 210 4011

More about Kerry

Kerry was previously an Investment Director at Endless before taking up the newly created role as Head of Due Diligence.

“After nine exciting years at Endless, I’m delighted to be moving into a new role heading up the in-house due diligence team as part of our further growth and expansion.”

In love with all things aquatic, Kerry enjoys scuba diving and keeps a number of tropical fish. In a previous star turn, she performed as Dolly Parton and won the Birmingham business community’s version of the X-Factor – we’ve asked for a video of it, but she politely declined.

To contact Kerry, use the details above. For more information about the projects she’s worked on, see the links below.