Paul Foster


Paul joined the Firm as Finance Director and Money Laundering Reporting Officer (“MLRO”) in 2007 bringing his considerable experience and talent to the role. Having built a strong and talented Finance team capable of supporting the Firm’s continued growth and development, in May 2019, Paul stepped aside to allow his team to take the reins and support the Firm into the next generation.

Paul has remained with the Firm, working on a part-time basis to support the Founding Partners in managing their personal co-investment commitments to the Funds managed by the Firm.

0113 210 4021

More about Paul

“My proudest moment has been seeing the Finance team grow in stature in recent years and I am very proud to have seen them develop into a team that will support the Firm in the years ahead.”

Paul is a keen golfer, cyclist and occasional Ballroom and Latin dancer and we’re yet to catch him in a bad mood. He’s always happy to help so, if you’re thinking of getting in touch, don’t hesitate to reach him through the details above.