Darren Forshaw

Senior Partner

Darren, co-founding Member of Endless, splits his time across all of the Endless offices. Having sat on the Investment Committee since day 1, back in 2005, Darren has first-hand experience of the array of investments Endless has made over the years. 

0113 210 4008

More about Darren

Being at the heart of the Endless story, Darren has seen the firm’s investments save thousands of jobs and has been instrumental in raising our funds, now nearing a total of £1 billion. 

But that’s not dimmed his ambitions and he’s as determined to succeed now as he was the day he first walked through the door.

"I love it when we continually surprise people, be it with a quick transaction that flies in the face of all expectations, we invest into a tough turnaround and sort it out or we do a buyout with partners people don’t expect.  It’s in our DNA that we keep pushing the edges of what we do, demonstrating the entrepreneurial spirit in our business."

Outside of work, father of three Darren likes to spend as much time as he can with the children, which regularly means being an unpaid taxi driver. A recent family investment included a VW T5 campervan, which has been regularly seen at a variety of summer festivals.  He’s a big fan of trying to keep fit, be it in the gym or running (embarrassingly slowly) up and down the hills of Yorkshire and if there was one sport he’d love to be good at, it’s skiing!